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The gaggle of summer interns are here. Is it just me or have firms decided to stock up on female auditors? One thing's for sure, they definitely make the employees look old. Interning was a blast. Do little if any work on a variety of clients, party all the time in the city with your peers, and then get that nice job offer at the end of the summer, so that way you'll have no motivation to up your grades during your senior year in college.

increased productivity, weird environment

Ok, things are just downright weird now. All the associates find the job "interesting" now? They "like" this job now, and are "happy" to be here. Come on now, don't tell me that people have changed significantly over the last two years. This is truly fascinating. I was just talking to some of my peers about this change in staff associate personality. I mean, I understand that people are peeing in their pants in this economy, and that they have to say all the right things, and be as productive as they can be. Heck, it helps me out that they're suddenly all about getting things done on time. But it still freaks me out. Higher level reviewers are now inflating reviews so as to save people from layoffs. HR, after noticing this, has been trying to widen the ratings between peers so as to get levels of differentiation for raises/layoffs. Sure, the firms are getting new clients, but they seem to be doing it for steep discounts. How much longer can they k…