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Was it worth getting the CPA?

Was it worth getting the CPA? 
If you want to stay in accounting, or even go into finance for that matter (after a stint in accounting), get the CPA. If anything, it's a must-have to be considered for hire in most places. Many companies tell the recruiters that it's a pre-requisite. 
At the same time, I've seen people in private move up the corporate ladder without their CPA - but these are the exceptions, they were really smart and could pick up accounting concepts pretty immediately. So am I glad I have it? Well, I guess because I haven't done a 180 career path wise, yes
So for those of you out there looking to leave public, get your CPA. If you can't, there's still companies willing to overlook based on your experience, but if you do, it's a pre-requisite you've met, meaning there's more opportunities. It's a hot market right now.

Best way to deal with your client

I think your blog has been very helpful to all of us working on Auditing (whether Big4 guys or not), for the prospects on the practice or even for all those interested on understanding how things work in Audit firms and how to work hand in hand with auditors when asking us for additional work when auditing the companies we work for. 
I would really appreciate if you could share with us the insights (or at least some tips) on how to deal with them based on the experience on this new stage on you career.

If I'm reading this right, is the question on how to deal with clients now that I've seen both sides? The best way to do it is to prove to them that you're adding value. This means that when they ask you an accounting question, you make that your top priority and get them the answer. If it means running it up the chain, that's what you'll do.
You'll also want to only ask for the support that's necessary to get you the answer you want. Also, make sure you unders…