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I have a liberal arts undergrad with a decent GPA (3.4) and was able to get into a top Masters of Accounting program. However, my Macc GPA is less than stellar (3.0-3.2ish). I was able to land a job at big 4 starting in the fall, but I'm concerned that I won't be able to break into a fortune 500 company after I leave. What are your thoughts? Is there a minimum GPA that these recruiters look for?
2-3 years after your first job, your GPA does not matter. It truly is all about your work experience from that point on. You should easily be able to get into the accounting group at a Fortune 500 company after 2-3 years. Although I must say, an accountant position at a Fortune 500 company looks good on paper, but isn't really as glamorous as you think. What I would recommend, is for you to try and get on clients in industries you're interested in. So for example, if you like a fortune 500 company like Exxon, try and get on clients in the energy industry. Bottomline, you have an…

post big 4 life

Back w/ a new post, sorry for the delay, work's been crazy busy lately. Thanks for all the comments. I've reached a point where I've flushed out everything I wanted to vent about, which is why I started this blog in the first place. So the only reason I'd post anything at this point is to answer good questions from the readers. There are quite a few questions that I flagged, and I'll get to them whenever I find time.
Since we're on the subject of leaving the Big 4, can you talk about how people you know feel about going to industry to work in an accounting department, internal audit, regulatory, etc? Are they generally happier and satisfied? Or do they miss the people from public accounting?

I cannot tell you how happy every big 4 alum is to not work in public accounting anymore. I'm talking CFOs all the way down to senior accountants. Recent alums have the biggest smile on their faces, smiles I had rarely seen before. Then they start talking about how much …