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What's your take on an MBA after a couple years of audit experience? How often do your peers or auditors you know move their career forward into business school?

An MBA is a great idea if you don't want to be in the accounting world - if you'd rather be in finance, consulting, banking, etc. etc. People who've left the big 4 to do an MBA do it because they're sick of auditing and because they want to be doing one of the above. It's pretty uncommon in the auditing world for people to go do an MBA, just because it means you're not cut out for the accounting life. Most new auditors at the big 4 are kids who were accounting majors in college and only expect to stay in the accounting world. If you do, there's no point doing an MBA. 5 years at a big 4 firm will get you to a controller position, something that an MBA usually wouldn't.

interview location

Been almost 4 months since I posted, sorry for the delay, the last thing I want to do when I get home is fire up my computer....

I will be heading into recruiting season in the fall and am hoping to land a job in the Big 4. I attend school in a different part of the country than where I am from because I am currently in the Air Force and attend school in the city where I am stationed. I will be ending my military tour with degree in hand (hopefully a job in hand as well), but, how do I go about landing a job back home, or in any other location for that matter? I do not want to live where I am but it seems that the recruiters will be trying to find candidates to work in the area, and not go out of their way to help someone land a job on the other side of the country. Should I try to interview where I want to work? How would I get in contact with those recruiters as the whole process seems to happen through the University? Is it possible to go through the recruiting/interviewing process …