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Resident hard-ass

If you're sitting across the table from me, and I know you're fooling around on your blackberry or on gchat because you have a big ass smile on your face while auditing, (so you're definitely not working), and you do that for a decent amount of time, and I keep pushing you every half an hour, asking how the work is coming along, would I turn into someone you hate? Probably, but it's really annoying because team members should know that if they are slow, it slows the whole team down, and it precludes us from leaving at a decent time every day. Come on people, focus a little. I don't want to be here as much as you do.

Da boss, kinda

You know those times when the mgr leaves the room and the team quickly gets talking about non-work stuff and yaks and yaks until the mgr gets back. Being on the other side of the coin is a weird feeling. When you walk out, the room is dead quiet. As you're walking into the room, you'll interrupt a chatterfest that suddenly dies,with people staring at their screens again. So you think - a) Did i give them enough review notes that they now use me to gang up and bond and chat about - b) Do they feel much more relaxed now that I'm not in the room so they can use this opportunity to chat it up?

I'm hoping it's B, but oh well, might just give them additional review notes instead of doing it myself. As long as they're doing work, I don't care if they're using an image of me as a dartboard. Heck, teams need something to bond over, and it's always that one mgr/snr mgr/partner we use to yak about. Use me, as long as i see your signoff on a decent workpaper, I…