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What is your average length of overnight travel for audit? Also how is this compared to consulting? What would you say is the percentage of time you are at 'out of town' clients?Audit: There a lot of factors that play a role in determining this. Some people never travel out of state, some people travel 5-6 months a year. Some people have 1-2 clients that involve traveling 2-3 weeks a year. Your position also plays a role in determining how much you travel. So if you're a staff associate, and you are on a client with a facility in Nebraska, you'd have to be with the team the whole time. If you're a manager and above, you'll go to Nebraska for 2-3 days tops. You could ask to get put on jobs that require travel, and if you have personal commitments at home (baby,etc.), you can ask to get put on clients where you don't have to travel much. Your request will not always be heeded, but the firms will try.
Consulting: Buy a carry-on, toiletries kit, etc. etc. becau…

Big 4 Hiring

I'm currently working for PwC and we are constantly getting emails about them raising the "finders" bonus for outside hiring. I don't know about the other big 4 but ever since the recession and the fact that they cut down hiring and people are leaving, we are now desperate for people! I would recommend applying ASAP. I'm in the Pittsburgh office but I know that from talking with our PwC people all offices are looking to hire external or from anywhere for that matter.
PWC is definitely increasing hiring across the board in all groups, more than the rest of the firms. But the other firms have also begun to advertise referral awards since the need for personnel in 1-2 groups have increased. Linkedin may be a good resource to find recruiter contacts for those interested.

Age in the big 4

"I have spent a few years in corporate and graduated from college 5 years ago. I have passed the FAR section of the CPA exam so far. My question is, what are the chances of me at 30 years old, getting into public accounting? I don't expect to get into the Big4 unless I was a recent graduate but will the public firms still look at my GPA?
This got me thinking about age. At 30, do you really want to get a job where you're going to be taking instructions from 23-29 year olds for your first five years? Can you deal with a busy season where you're going to be the one taking food orders every day? Recent college grads telling you to make copies for them? Easier said than done, no? If i was hiring for the big 4, i'd honestly shy away from people above a certain age for their sake. Don't get me wrong, age discrimination is illegal, and firms do hire older people at times, but I wouldn't recommend it. You might not fit in culture wise also since many of the activit…