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best time to leave before busy season

I'm curious, what is your take on cutoff date for leaving your firm? With busy season coming up, I'm sure this is a hot topic. 

Good question. It's obviously subjective. Feel like everyone will have a different answer for you. My personal view on it is that if you are a key resource on an engagement, you have to let them know a couple months before busy season so they can find an alternative resource. If you are not a key resource, end of November would seem to be appropriate.
There are always some individuals who leave in December too, but it's not the best time. Always look at who you'll be burning bridges with, and whether it's worth it. If you're looking to switch careers, then leave anytime prior to busy season if the opportunity is good, since leaving this job won't come back to haunt you. If you intend to stay in accounting, then think about it a little more, since you may need those contacts down the road. Curious as to what people think - let us know via the comments section.


Anonymous said…
What's the disparity of someone who is 2-rated versus someone that is 3-rated at a manager level (5-6 years in) at a Big 4? I understand that it'll probably be different across regions, across firms, and across markets, but typically, is there a huge gap in salary between someone who is average and someone who is performing at a rating 1 level above?
Anonymous said…
I agree with you. It sounds like a good idea to get rid of busy season, but you have to get the offer when it comes up. Anyway, letting you employers wide in advance is a god idea in this complicated years...never burn bridges, you never know
^ Indeed. Just be open to your employers about your schedules/holiday plans.
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Anonymous said…
I usually leave after busy season
Anonymous said…
Cheer up man!! End of busy season is getting closer...Hope we can read your posts again soon...
Regards from Portugal, saturday night and still working on an engagement's is not an easy lifestyle but........
Anonymous said…
Two of my colleagues left in late Nov , and the other in Dec.
The senior managers were extremely pissed off, particularly, to the point where they were rude to the colleagues who were leaving.
Some people really take offence as to when you leave, some people will just be happy that you leave.

To be safe and not burn any bridges, I agree to leave couple months prior to all the planning is done etc.

To Op - How do you find motivation to continue to work in auditing after all these years? The fire inside of me is gone, and I simply can't find a way to push myself to work long hours anymore.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
End of Busy Season is getting closer, so I guess new posts will come soon.... Look forward to reading you again.
Good Luck, I wish you the best.
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Anonymous said…
Hope to read you again buddy, my long working days are not the same without your funny but helpful posts.I usually take a break and read one or two of your posts and have a smile and the energy to keep on auditing...that fantastic job
David Waugh said…
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Anonymous said…
Hi buddy!! How are you doing?
Hope you are doing great and hope to read you soon. I miss your posts,
Anonymous said…
Where are you?
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