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Can't believe I was an auditor

My interactions with our current auditors always helps reinforce in me that my decision to leave was the right decision, but it actually takes it further - it makes me wonder - how the heck did I survive for so many years in audit. When I hear their questions, many of which are purely for PCAOB documentation purposes, I just want to walk away because I'd rather waste my time watching paint dry than answer such non-value added questions. 

I even frequently ask them why they continue to stay in audit. And from what I hear in my old firm, life's still the same. People constantly complaining, the Firms saying that things will change, but it isn't really. And life goes on. Factory model.

Look, auditors add value, don't get me wrong. But there's a lot of non-value add in what they do. I get it, it's not their fault, it's the system and the regulation board. But man - can't believe I used to do that.


Rudy Chen said…
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Bryan Kesler said…
As a PwC alum I can understand what you are saying... It's a grind but I think the 3 years I put in were totally worth it based on the fact I got to see so many different industries and get to learn exactly how successful (and unsuccessful) companies run.

It's easy to get lost in the mundane details, but I still wouldn't replace those three years for any other job just because of where that experience has gotten me in my career.

I hope you feel the same way?


Bryan Kesler, CPA
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Victor said…
Lets be positive by looking at your contributions that brought positive change to that institution you worked for. Life as an auditor is not as bad as you portray .
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