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The Power of Caffeine

Day 3 - no caffeine yet, and I'm struggling.

I figured i'll do the whole 'eat/drink healthy' thing during busy season by cutting off soda/coffee for atleast 21 days, following the 21 day hump rule, where-in I need to try something for atleast 21 days before giving up on it.

But my system is currently low on fuel, and I'm struggling. Not sure if it's a good idea to audit and not be caffeinated to get the energy to do it. Check that - definitely not a good idea.
I've tried tea, V8 vegetable juice, fruit juice, water, odwalla protein shake and I'm still struggling to be pro-active.
This reminds me of two instances -
we had an intern during busy season, and this kid just got into a food coma every day after lunch. The poor kid wasn't used to office hours being that he was still in college, and was literally half-asleep in his chair by 1 pm every day. Not a good impression made as an intern.
This other kid was this pristine 'eat healthy' kid who never touched soda or coffee, and lecturing us everytime we drank a cup. He always ended up shutting down mentally by 7, which during busy season is just not good. If anyone has any good healthy suggestions to stay awake and energized while at work, please post a comment to this effect (And don't say that quitting would help)


bitterbabe said…
Thank you for your blog! hahaha every single busy season I try to cut back on all those sugary drinks - never works! This year, my engagement team is doing "the biggest loser" as motivation!
notfordisplay said…
Just checked out your blog, I'm obviously not in tune with most of it being that I'm a guy, but props for having the time to blog on a completely different topic while you're in your public accounting career.
Anonymous said…

I know this blog isn't meant to be about the technical side of auditing but what planning do you do prior to starting an audit?

In regards to feeling tired at work after i eat lunch i feel very tired so it helps to not be sitting down straight after lunch. But try drinking green tea after becuase it has alot of caffeine and is also excellent for your health i read somewhere if you drink green tea you are 40 times less likely to get a cold then someone who doen't drink tea at all, but it makes you urinate alot.

Krupo said…
Psy-trance. It fuels 15 hours days.

It's funny when you realize you're the last one in the office, so you can just take off your headphones and blast your speakers.

And anon's hint to run around (or at least stay standing) is also a Good Idea whenever possible.

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