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bad performance rating

I work at a big 4 and i got a rating of 4! I am pissed off and want to leave the firm! I worked really hard during the busy season and i feel like my work wasnt recognised and appreciated at all. I am on my way of completing the ACCA ( 1 more exam left) and i have 2 years of work experience. I am only thinking to stay there one more year in order to qualify and then leave. Even if I stay will I have any progression there with my career? Or the rate 4 will always be there like a ghost in my performance review background to hunt me? 

You can always bounce back, and get a better rating the next year. Reputation will unfortunately spread throughout the Firm, and people will politic to get you on their teams or get you off their teams. Before people add you to their teams, they will ask around to get your rating. It sucks because the only time you come in there with a blank slate is your first day there. So work hard, and get a better rating the next year, or if your rating still stays the same, it's just not the right industry for you. And there's nothing wrong with that, it's not exactly the industry of people's dreams.


Gina Koh said…
Hi there, I'm a student who just had an internship at one of the big 4 and am currently working on a report which requires me to provide recommendations to audit firms. Came across your blog and am curious about the bad performance rating which you mentioned as it seems to be quite a problem. Would really like to hear more about your views on this problem! Would appreciate it a lot if you could kindly contact me at my email, :) Thank you!
Anonymous said…
4 out of what?
"Our professional services are designed to ensure maximum benefits for clients in terms of tax related strategies." We strive to make your tax time free from aggravations so that you can focus more on your business. Our business philosophy is based upon providing excellence and satisfaction to our clients. We do not aspire to be the largest organization but simply to be the best in the industry.
sona lla said…
I've really been looking forwards to this feature. The one suggestion I have for improvement is a dashboard feature showing the highest rated post(s). It should be relatively simple to even add a widget which shows the most popular posts and my shakti bhog rating. Otherwise, great job
Roger Pace said…
I really appreciate you sharing this info! I've been wanting to learn more about auditors and how they do things, and this helped a ton. I can't wait to learn more and see if I have what it takes to become one.
Performance evaluation will always give you a low rate, because your company is worry that you will ask for a rise.
internal auditor's corner
Uhlenbrock Cpa said…
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Kent Gregory said…
Well said. Bad ratings are just a temporary stumbling block on the way to advancement and progress. It grounds us, it rattles us, and it kicks dirt in our eyes to make us see the larger picture. But more than that, it makes us see the landscape, of where we have to go and what we have to do to get to where we ought to with our work, or where the company ought to be with your work for that matter. I think what needed is a system in place that will make us see that more clearly and immediately. The fact that a company has, or will have a ratings system in place to begin with is a good start. Thanks for sharing!

Kent Gregory @ Armature
Qi Wen said…
Hi, I am a student who just had my internship at one of the big 4. I am currently working on a report which requires me to provide recommendations to audit firms. I came across your blog and read most of your posts. I am most curious about the bad performance rating as it seems to be really quite a problem among big 4 audit firms. I would really like to hear more about your views on this problem, and I would appreciate it if you could share more with me. You may contact me at :) Thank you and good luck in your blog!

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