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Better Performance Reviews

Finally onto the September questions. Also, keep in mind that if I've answered certain new questions in past blogs, I'll usually refrain from answering them again.

What are some examples of the above-and-beyond work performed by staff at the associate level? 

Here are a few traits that will get you a better performance review as a staff associate - 
a) Everytime you finish a task, ask for a new one, don't just surf the web. Reach a point where the senior associate runs out of work to do.
b) When the senior associate complains about something, ask him or her how you can help reduce their workload.
c) Volunteer for coffee runs, etc. Don't complain.
d) While you are at other clients, if your senior reaches out to you to help with something, make time to help.
e) Be social, but don't yap your tail off too much. Let everyone focus.
f) Listen and take notes when you're asked to do something
g) Don't tell the senior associate you've done something when you haven't
h) Ask for more complex work that people at a higher level usually get (whenever your senior's struggling to find you work)
i) Develop an amiable relationship with the clients, so that they get to like you
and most importantly..
h) Kick ass, work hard, and do as good a job as you can


Derek said…
Nice post thanks for sharing.

Moshen Zargar
Chris said…
I just had a quick question for you. I currently work for the a department of the US Government doing some auditing and analyzing of government-sponsored and government-assisted programs. I will be completing my master's degree in accounting next spring and have begun all of the big 4 interviews this fall. My question is, how common or "normal" is it for people to move from the public secotr to the private sector, or vice versa? I have been told that it would be a good idea to stick with the federal job for a few years and then attempt to move to a big firm, but not to stay for too long because I wouldn't want to get "stuck" working for the government due to its percieved laziness. And on the other hand, I have been told that it would make no sense to work in the private sector and then return to the government stuff later...Anyways, I am currently more in favor of taking an associate audit position at the big 4 if I was to be offered though I am still having feelings of uncertainty...sorry for the long post but thanks again.
Eric said…
Thanks for all of these posts. Ive been reading them for a while now and I feel like they have given me an inside view of the industry. Your ideas, comments, and suggestions will definitely come in handy for our schools "Meet The Firms" reception. Thanks!
Great tips, I like the guidelines you've laid out here...helpful!
Eddie said…
Was hoping you could help me out. Due to the staffing issues that I've heard are plaguing all of the Big 4 many teams are severely understaffed. What advice would you give to a first year who's starting on a team where there are no Seniors and has to work directly with the manager.
Kimteh said…
Thanks for all of these posts. I like the guidelines you've laid out here. Thanks for sharing us.
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Dan said…
Eddie, good idea to start and work directly with the manager. If he/she is more experienced than a senior, then they will teach you bloody well. Its a good idea to start without Seniors. If you start with the manager, at least you will both be on the same level of what to expect, and then at the same time, you will gain an appreciation for the demands placed upon the manager from the partners. I say do it
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MMG said…
Thanks so much. I am about to launch my Tax internship at KPMG next January and your guide is so useful to me. Wish you all the best!
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Cindy Dy said…

I like the way on how you put up your blogs. Wonderful and awesome. Hope to read more post from you in the future. Goodluck. Happy blogging!

Silvia Jacinto said…

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