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dealing with workaholics

Could you suggest a smooth way of dealing with my workaholic managers who expect me to work as much? 

Can't say I've never expected people to work hard. Ask yourself, if you were your manager, is your work adequate? Your manager has to answer to the partners if her review isn't adequate, which is never good. Now, if your manager is truly being unreasonable, then there are ways to deal with it. Tell him or her in a humorous way that they're expecting too much, so as not to be too direct. If you want brownie points, work just as hard as them to a point where they truly appreciate your work, then they'll be okay with you not working as much once in a while. Or work efficiently to make sure you achieve what they want you to achieve. Or convince the manager that you have other important clients and so you need to balance your workload.
Try a combination of'll most likely help. Now, if you're just average and it's more like your manager's expectations are that you do your best, and you don't, then it's on you. 


Anonymous said…
What's your advice for a soon to be college grad interested in the big 4 but dealing with the new 150 credit hour law? It seems like everyones advice is to go right for your masters after graduation. Is the Masters program worth it or would extra credits from a community college still look good?
Anonymous said…
I have a question regarding the tests during the interview process.

How important are they in determining whether you get an internship and a contract at graduation? Also how well are you expected to do in those tests?
Anonymous said…
still hoping you can answer this question: how often do big 4 auditors compare how their situations are with others working in Fortune 500s, Investment Banking, Consulting, etc jobs?
Anonymous said…
I just read every post since 2007 and it was fascinating to read how your feelings about your firm changed over time.

I am also in the big 4 and I can empathize with many of your ups and downs over the years. Glad to see you have made it for so long with your firm.

Thanks so much for writing the blog. I know several colleagues who have read it and been helped by it! Keep up the good blog work.
A blog that is so distinctive with well-analyzed information. I am actually in need for this sort of vital information. Thanks for providing me solutions. Functional blog.
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Anonymous said…
Hey man,

thank you so much for this.
Reading it - it's great.
Great to see how you evolved during this time you're blogging here.
How was this blog personaly for you - why are you doing this?
Joshuan said…
Personally I think two types of people tend to be labelled 'workaholics.' The first type is the prototypical workaholic who eats, sleeps and drinks work. As a matter of fact, I'm convinced these type of people actually get stuff done even while they are sleeping (Sort of like Chuck Norris). Unfortunately, they also tend to have a tough time empathizing with those who think differently. However, I am generalizing. Therefore you will find some who are actually pretty awesome to work with, but as they do tend to be high-performers, you just have to be upfront with them.

The second type of workaholic applies to those people who aren't necessarily high performers, but who happen to get a sense of comfort for being in the work place. Unfortunately these people are a whole different breed who have successfully moved along the ranks...thanks to father time. As for these, I have no advice/comment as I tend to have a tough time dealing with them and don't want to be a hypocrite.
Anonymous said…
Is there any particular industry you recommend for an associate to being with? I will be starting as an associate next fall and am leaning towards showing preference for Real Estate. Do you have any suggestions?
Anonymous said…
Very interesting blog, I'm starting my career at assurance at E&Y as intern. More posts,please!
alex. said…
What's your advice for choosing a firm to work for? I currently have standing offers with all four firms, and I'm trying to decide which is best for work-life balance. I'd like to make it five years in the firm, and I don't want to hate every day of those five years. Any thoughts or advice you can offer me?
Anonymous said…
Alex, the work/life balance (if that exists anywhere in public accounting) differs widely by office location and even team. You may want to get a sense from the people working at the offices you have offers with.
yelawolf said…
Hi there,

I have a quick question. I don't know if you've had experience with this, but I have received an offer from a Big 4 accounting firm for an internship, but I haven't yet interviewed with my ideal company.

I don't want to reject the offer for fear of not getting hired by my ideal company, but I don't want to accept the offer and cut myself off just because they recruited earlier.

Any help would be appreciated and my feelings won't be hurt if you don't answer.
notfordisplay said…
"How important are they in determining whether you get an internship and a contract at graduation? Also how well are you expected to do in those tests?"

What kind of tests are you talking about?
notfordisplay said…
"How was this blog personally for you - why are you doing this?"

I'm going to save this for my last blog post, when I leave.
notfordisplay said…
Jennifer Little said…
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Cindy Dy said…
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lee woo said…
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andrea chiu said…

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Leslie Lim said…
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