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big office vs small office

Can you talk about working at a big office versus a small office? I interned at small office, but will work at one of the largest offices in our area. I've heard the hours are worse and throwing peers under the bus is common. I'm kind of freaked out about some of the negativity I hear. Any advice on navigating a bigger office? 

Working at a small office Pros a) you will get to know everyone at your office, including every partner b) there are a set number of clients with locations you are most likely aware of already c) potentially less red tape to get what you want Cons a) everyone will be aware of office gossip b) not enough clients and other industries to get a diverse experience c) you might have to travel more Working at a big office has its pros and cons. Don't worry about the negativity, it'll just give you a more diverse experience and more people to get to know. Plus there's more positions available so you can get promoted without much of a hassle. The hours really depends on the client you have, regardless of the office. There are only a couple cities in this country where the hours are longer just because it's those cities.

I will say this, in order to do well in a big office, try and do the following - a) don't be a ghost. There are some really good workers who are just not known to others at the office because they're really quiet and just stay at the clients all the time, and not go to social events. b) shoot the shit with your peers and your superiors. Reputation is important at any office, but in a big office, this is the best way to get up the list to get on quality clients. Your work rep will precede you, but having people recognize the name will help immensely. c) Get to know your admins, especially your scheduling liaisons so you can get to the top of the list for your office's best clients.


Anonymous said…
It's hard to put yourself forward to "everyone" in a bigger office without seeming that you're an "opportunist".

Not everyone talks about "sports" or "tv/movies" or whatever.

Sometimes, many people are working so there's not much time to talk to anyone.

Also, it's hard to talk to superiors because you don't want anything to slip from your mouth!

In addition, there may be a generation gap between you and your colleagues or superiors so it's hard to find something in common to talk about.

Doesn't mean you shouldn't shoot the sh@t but finding the right time and topics are a challenge in and of itself!
Anonymous said…
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